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About Karimunjawa

About Karimunjawa

About Karimunjawa Karimunjawa Island, or commonly known as Karimunjawa is a hidden paradise located in Central Java, Indonesia. This place is crowded with tourists because of the beautiful beaches that are very tempting. In fact, at this time Karimunjawa Island is also named as the 5 most beautiful places in Indonesia because of the beauty […]

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Karimunjawa Tour Package

Karimunjawa Tour Packages

Karimunjawa Tour Packages are divided into 2, namely Karimunjawa tour packages with crossings from Jepara or from Semarang, this is because the two ports / airports use different ships or planes. We have adjusted all of the Karimunjawa tour packages to the existing ship / plane schedule, our standard package uses the same crossing or […]

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Travel Guide To Karimunjawa

Travel Guide To Karimunjawa, Hotels, Tourism Places & Others

Travel Guide To Karimunjawa, Travel Overview of Karimunjawa, when individuals think about Indonesia, immediately they’ll think about Bali or Lombok, which is an advantage because it maintains tourists away so that we, travelers, can wander freely somewhere else. Among Indonesia’s favorite tourist-free islands is Karimun jawa, a small island north of Semarang off the coast […]

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Karimunjawa Islands are definitely one of the most beautiful islands

Karimunjawa Islands are definitely one of the most beautiful islands we have seen in Indonesia. These little blissful islands are a vision of the tropics. Perfect white-sand beaches with turquoise water which will hurt your eyes. This amazing hidden gem of Indonesia is definitely a “must” destination to visit. It takes an effort to get […]

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