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Travel Guide To Karimunjawa, Hotels, Tourism Places & Others

Travel Guide To Karimunjawa

Travel Guide To Karimunjawa, Travel Overview of Karimunjawa, when individuals think about Indonesia, immediately they’ll think about Bali or Lombok, which is an advantage because it maintains tourists away so that we, travelers, can wander freely somewhere else. Among Indonesia’s favorite tourist-free islands is Karimun jawa, a small island north of Semarang off the coast of Main Java. The main island has just one main town, many spectacular hillsides and peaks, and many unblemished fringing coral reefs along the white sand coastlines. The island is so remote that it just has 20 hrs of electrical power each day. If you are looking for some peaceful coastline time someplace close to the island of Java and you want to avoid typical prospects such as Bali or Lombok after that you are mosting likely to love Karimunjawa, here are some Travel Guide To Karimunjawa.

Where to Remain in Karimunjawa

There are several places to remain in Karimunjawa that can be your best choice, there are resorts that lie precisely the coastline, also have private monitoring, there are also resorts with a sight of the residents’ ranches and many resorts or inns that remain in the facility of the bustle of Karimunjawa Island.

Resorts in Karimunjawa that such as having actually a personal coastline consist of:

  • Java Paradise Hotel
  • Breve Azurine Lagoon Retreat Karimunjawa
  • Blue Laguna Inn
  • Escape Beach Hotel
  • Royal Ocean View Beach Resort Karimunjawa

Some resorts with Yard view are as complies with:

  • Dseason Karimunjawa
  • Karimunjawa in
  • Kalapa Resort
  • Karimun Lumbung

Some resorts that lie close to the busy roadway are as complies with:

  • New Ocean
  • Hotel Duta Karimun
  • Puri Karimunjawa

Along with accommodation with resort kinds, on the island of Karimunjawa there’s also accommodations with the kind of Home Stay which was initially planned to be a resident’s house, after that in the development of the tourist industry it’s made Home Stay, home stay names are usually the names of the proprietors such as:

  • Homestay Tri Putra Karimun Jawa
  • Homestay Gemilang Karimun Jawa
  • Homestay Ariyani Karimun Jawa
  • Homestay Aulia Karimunjawa

There are still a great deal of home stays in Karimun Jawa with approximately the same centers and prices.

How to reach Karimunjawa

The best way to obtain here’s first, fly to Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya or Semarang and from there, after that you can pass land straight to Jepara Rule or Semarang City because the path to the island remains in these 2 cities (Jepara & Semarang ).

If you’re originating from Yogyakarta (we do this), there’s an over night move solution from Yogjakarta that will take you straight to Jepara or Semarang and obtain a ticket for you. The chauffeur will pick you up at your accommodation in Yogyakarta at 11pm and will drop you off in Jepara about 5am where you’ll obtain a ticket from the chauffeur and he will instruct you where to getting on the right watercraft.

From Semarang, you can use the Kartini Fast Deliver or the Pelni Deliver which sails from Semarang’s Tanjung Emas Port to Karimunjawa. Aside from sea transport, land transport has also opened up routes by the airline company Wings Air, which belongs to the Lion Air Teams, in the last 2 years they have opened up the Semarang – Karimunjawa trip path. We would certainly recommend that you look for the most affordable trip tickets in Paradisonesia to find inexpensive trips, educate tickets, resorts where you live to Jogjakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya or Semarang so you can choose the best one that suits your itinerary.

From Jepara, if you use mass transit that just gets to Jepara Incurable, you need to take a rickshaw to visit Kartini Port but if the transport you’re using is the Charter system, after that your transport usually takes you straight to Jepara Kartini Port, where There are 2 ferryboat watercrafts for the Express Bahari and the Siginjai Ferryboat located, for the deliver schedule, you can inspect the Karimunjawa Deliver Schedule article on our website.

Very Important Keep in mind: Reaching Karimunjawa really depends on the high trend. Your journey can just occur if the trend is reduced enough so please consult the weather in advance of time for in and out days with the company before you book anything.

My ideas on the best option: Using a Travel Company. Certainly, sometimes the price is a bit more expensive when compared with managing your own journey, but you’ll not be troubled with small points such as queuing for tickets, looking for resorts, getting sea tours and so on.

How to navigate Karimunjawa

If you use the Karimunjawa Jawa Travel Bureau, you can take a trip package that has been determined, such as about the island, sea tours, and so forth, and if you have actually a free dish program, we recommend you to rent a bike. this is the best way. Many beaches are only accessible via fast land transportation and motorbikes are the only affordable way to go.

You can also go pier fishing, or charter a local fishing boat, be well informed with your Travel Agent.

Travel insurance

Not all travel agents provide travel insurance facilities for your tour package, ask the tour package provider / travel agent Karimun Jawa whether they provide insurance for you.

What to Bring to Karimunjawa, Indonesia

  • As you may know Karimunjawa is one of the island-shaped places. Here are some tips on what to bring and prepare for your trip to Karimunjawa, Indonesia:
  • Walking / Hiking Shoes: If you like walking in new cities or going on small hikes, so I highly recommend that you bring comfortable, good shoes for this trip.
  • Casual T-Shirts: It can be very hot outside at sunrise and clear skies so be sure to bring along some casual shirts / casual clothes that you can wear when traveling.
  • Microfiber Towel: The microfiber towel is the perfect backpacker towel because it’s lightweight, dries easily, and can be compressed to save space in your backpack.
  • Swimwear: A swimsuit is a must-have item if you are planning to visit Karimunjawa, Indonesia in the summer, just in case you want to swim in the sea, snorkel or dive.
  • Camera: One of the most important items we need to carry is a good camera to capture the beautiful moments that you will experience. I recommend the Gopro camera for your activities either on the surface of the water or in the water.
  • Power Bank: Save your electronic power on the go with the 20,000+ mAh Power Bank.
  • Bottled Water: A great water bottle to carry around town or on hiking trails if you’re not sure how clean the water source is.
  • Universal Adapter: You only need one universal adapter to connect your electronics no matter which country you visit.
    Large Backpack: You will need a large backpack to carry all of these items. I suggest you just bring a backpack, no need for such a large suitcase.

Things to Do in Karimunjawa

Bathe yourself at Boby’s beach

Boby Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with views of the sunrise in the morning to accompany you swimming. You can walk around this white sandy beach or just relax and soak in the water.

Watch the sun set on the top of the mountain

Just a few minutes’ drive and a little hike from the village is the best sunset spot on the island. From here you will be able to see Karimunjawa as a whole from one end to the other while watching the sun set behind the horizon.

Walk along the wharf

A walk along the jetty will give you a glimpse into what the locals are doing to survive on the desert island. From fishing boats tumbling around the shallows to the sight of strange equipment the locals have built to help them survive here.

Take a snorkeling day trip around the island

If you are not interested in wandering around the island, you can also rent a boat for a full day snorkeling trip around the nearby islands and do island hopping. It’s a snorkeler’s paradise to experience marine life up close without having to deal with insane numbers of tourists. Also, don’t forget to swim with the baby sharks when you are out there.

Those were some of the Travel Guide to Karimunjawa which of course are still very minimal, please contact us for more detailed information, both regarding packages and tour guides.

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